Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Hedging - Dead hedging and video

2.12.2013 Near classic caravan -
 to use up brash from coppiced sycamore cluster and let in more light.

29.10.2013: Near  Pitch "Brock" to let more light in
 and repair 6 metres of  broken, untidy fencing next to the farmers' field.

Brushwood for the fence repair

 Stakes in, ready for the waste brushwood.

A couple of trailer loads of dead wood for logs

Finished hedge repair

Pitch Burn 17.10.2013:-

Sycamore in this case.

6.9.2013  from this tree top  "brush" 

making stakes for the hedges

13.6.2013 sycamore prunings to convert to:-

...to the start of a new dead hedge at a new pitch.

From piles of prunings

Hammering stakes in

To "Pitch" windbreaks

and privacy screens 

and bird nesting hedges

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