Sunday, September 14, 2014

Camping wagon - A few features of the build


Initial ground preparation for the wagon

recycled windows


 2 of the 6 wagon wheels

Recycled French doors at front

Double bed with good mattress
3/4 Bunk bed for 2 small children

Some items provided

reclaimed windows at rear side of wagon

Smoke from woodburner - 

Leather Rover seats for interior

Balcony entrance with reclaimed shutters

Campfire area

Harvest table at campfire

The "Louis" woodburner from "Windy Smithy"
Chosen to heat an 18' Shepherd's wagon.
Worth the £600 for the proper flues and fittings, to heat you on a winter's evening.

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  1. Looking wonderful Chris can't wait to try it out loved staying in the shack but this is def on the try list can't wait to come back
    Lesley mclelland and kids