Thursday, July 2, 2020

Highlights of "Side bar posts" new conditions

We are closed to the public ( new campers)
Only a small number of regulars can be considered.
(see  fuller details in side bar boxes- not visible on mobile phones.)

To get to this

we need to go through this:-

Hand sanitiser at  entrance gate

at water refil

in (not always exclusive, depending on government advice.) wash areas

at reception

see new safety// conditions on side bar posts.
Then email all details like names, preteens, E.T.A. E.T.D,
mobile phone number, car reg, etc.
Date of last few camps, pitches.
If you are okay with new terms including 
No visitors, bringing your own wood,
taking rubbish, bottles, etc. home.
And for the constructs bring your own pots and pans, camping stove, etc.
Along with old terms like no dogs