Thursday, September 3, 2020

Milbarista coffe house - Inverkeithing

 Home baking, soup, bagels.

Deliveries or sit in.

Highly recommended

Good customer service

Rhubarb scone

58 High Street
8a.m to 3p.m. Monday to Saturday

Thursday, July 2, 2020

Highlights of "Side bar posts" new conditions

We are closed to the public ( new campers)
Only a small number of regulars can be considered.
(see  fuller details in side bar boxes- not visible on mobile phones.)

To get to this

we need to go through this:-

Hand sanitiser at  entrance gate

at water refil

in (not always exclusive, depending on government advice.) wash areas

at reception

see new safety// conditions on side bar posts.
Then email all details like names, preteens, E.T.A. E.T.D,
mobile phone number, car reg, etc.
Date of last few camps, pitches.
If you are okay with new terms including 
No visitors, bringing your own wood,
taking rubbish, bottles, etc. home.
And for the constructs bring your own pots and pans, camping stove, etc.
Along with old terms like no dogs

Saturday, February 29, 2020

Pitches and woodland

Since 2016, we have downsized and decommissioned 
 2 of the 6 toilet/wash buildings.
 Also  rewilded some pitches.

Only 3 pitches in woodland
(Rising Sun, Nest and Tilt)
plus Camping shack, tin hut,
caravan in a hut, tree lodge.

 Lower woodland pitches:-


 self set poppies and bluebells

8 Top pitches plus 2 toilets at Strawberry Fields and J Way.
and camping wagon and pavilion.

Bobtail and Haretail, J Way, Tag, Hooves,
 Strawberry Fields, Axis, 

Pitch on "East" side top meadow

One of the "West" side top meadow pitches

Grass cut - your pitches in the sun.
Pitch "Hooves"

Pitch -  "J Way campfire area"

Tuesday, April 23, 2019

Glamping -Camping Tree Lodge Hire

Environmentally friendly compost toilet, 20 metres.
Off grid i.e. no electricity or running water
(water re-fill tap near reception)
 No dogs. No collecting fire wood.
No visitors

Please bring all your own knives, forks, plates, mugs, glasses, dishes, pans, chopping board, bbq spatulas, firewood, camp stove and gas
(see side bar blog  update on glamping structures due to covid.)
Drone photo 2017

Set in the woodland on the site of the old badger hide,
 so ideally placed to watch for them!

Built mostly of larch from Scottish Wood, Oakley
 and found windows

Sleeps 4+ 1 or 2 in  2 double beds and 3/4 studio couch.

Please bring your own pillows, bottom sheets and duvets
(we can no longer provide bedding hire)

Pull out dining table

Prices:- Ask for personalised quote but basically £25, £15 preteens,
 2 day minimum hire preferred.
first night. Minimum occupancy £80.
possible reductions for 2nd night, especially regulars.
Ideal for 2 +2  children

Decorated with 100 maps from gumtree

Wood stove.
 Off grid, bring camping lanterns.

East balcony

                                                      Outside BBQ


Camp fire area
To book, ask for my bank details, when ready to transfer funds.
Include estimated tubs of wood.
It is not booked until it is paid for.
Thank you for having us in the Tree Lodge. We felt so relaxed and at home. You really have a special place there. I am becoming addicted to real wood fires and compost toilets and greenery and birdsong....I could go on! We did not even use the lanterns, candles more than enough. Lovely place.
Hopefully you will let us return
Jane and Kurt

Thursday, January 10, 2019

Glamping - Camping ( Caravan in a cabin) Booking

Classic 2 berth Castleton caravan in a Cabin.
Limited edition, serial number 1339.

Refurbished  January 2019
with enclosed env. friendly compost toilet.
Rustic, no hot water, no showers, no dogs.

Recycled Oak and Douglas Fir posts extension

Outside "Stoop"

Inside the extension

1 recycled citroen chair and leather settee.

Log burning stove

Inside the caravan

seats can be left as 2 singles or

pull under seat board with leg to make a double

( Bring your own quilt, pillows, bottom sheets, etc.
We can no longer provide bedding.)

Plenty of storage

Extension at the back of the caravan 
with compost toilet

Back door from toilet

Campfire area "Well"

Bring your own wood.

No smoking.
 Only safety t lights in containers please.


Lovely oak veneered cupboards.
Bring your own Plates, mugs, glasses, pots and pans etc.

Water refil @ 10 metres.

 Woodland setting.
Showers 2 miles north at  :-

Dalgety bay fish and chip takeaway
3 miles

To enquire availability and personalised quote,
email names, e.t.a/e.t.d., dates, etc.
then to  book (ask for bank details when you are ready to transfer funds.)
It is not booked until it is paid, thanks, so if there is a time delay after I send bank details, please re-check availability when you are ready to pay.

Preferred Minimum 2 day hire.

 First night Minimum occupancy £60
( Bring your own quilt, pillows, bottom sheets, etc.)

  2nd night concessions 
Sorry no visitors

Tuesday, November 27, 2018

Glamping -Camping Pavilion Hire

Off grid - i.e. no electrics or showers etc
Terms:-No smoking, No dogs, no visitors etc.
No collecting wood for fires.
Bring your own wood.
Please take all your rubbish home thanks.
 Approx 54 square metres.
Ideal for a large family of 2 adults and a few children.
 Sleeps up to 8 ( 4 + 1 to  4 kids)
 2 doubles, 2 singles in a bunk and
1 or 2  kids on  studio couch.

Situated at top meadows.
Enviromentally  friendly compost toilets @ 30 metres
A little container of water to start you off
then refill at reception.


Have a look inside:-

Wood-burning stove-oven

kitchenette/Preparation area with storage cupboard:-
bring your own plates, glasses, mugs, knives and  forks, pans, etc.

6'   table and benches
(2 pine  Celtic stools, 1 bench)

stove with mini oven

1 pair of full size bunk beds

Studio couch for 1 or 2 children.

Can no longer supply bedding
 ( bring your own pillows, bottom sheet, duvet)

Storage drawer under bed


Please bring your own gas grill/ burner.

Table and 4 chairs


Camp fire area and rustic seating.

Bring bedding (pillows, bottom sheets, duvets),
torches, lanterns, more tea lights, and drinking water.
All your own pots and pans.
Safety tea lights ( no loose candles)
Apply for personalised quote 
but basically £25 or preteens £15
2 night minimum hire preferred.
1st night  £100 minimum occupancy (i.e. 2 adults + 3 children ) 
Concessions for 2nd night.
No Visitors 
Booking  by instant online bank transfer
 (ask for bank details when ready to transfer.)
It is not booked until it is paid for, 
so do check availability if there is any time lapse after I have provided bank details.
Confirm all names, car reg's, e.t.a. and e.t.departure.

Departure:- Please leave it tidy as you found it and
put key in cottage  letter box and raise flag (spoon).
Note all blog side box posts i.e. hand sanitiser.