Monday, October 10, 2016

Glamping Tree Lodge

Set in the woodland on the site of the old badger hide,
 so ideally placed to watch for them!

Built mostly of larch from Scottish Wood, Oakley
 and found windows

Sleeps 6 in 2 double beds (new Ikea mattresses)

and a full size double studio couch.

Pull out dining table for 6

Well equipped kitchen

Prices worked out per individual booking but basically £25 per person,
first night. Minimum occupancy £80.
Reductions for 2nd night, pre teens and regulars.
Bedding can be hired at £8 per person for the whole number of days.

Decorated with 100 maps from gumtree

Wood stove

                                                 Off grid, bring camping lanterns.

East balcony

                                                      Outside 2 burner gas stove
                                                            and washing up area


Camp fire area

Environmentally friendly compost toilet, 20 metres.

Friday, July 15, 2016

Glamping - camping tree lodge. Construction

Refurbished doors for stove

Balcony overlooking fields

Windows, doors & larch cladding


On the site of the old badger hide

Will be a prime glamping construct for badger watching

Steps of Larch and Oak
courtesy regular campers

Path to tree lodge

Stilts  for sliding roof boards
like a travois

Friday, April 1, 2016

Glamping - Hut. Booking

The Oak and iron Hut

Recycled from Oak and an Anderson shelter
(2nd world war air raid shelter)

Sleeps 2. Either 2 singles or a double.
£30 for the 1st night.
Reductions for 2nd night onwards.
Discount for regular campers.

Inside is 6' long x 5' wide, then the balcony is 8' long.

Insulated inside.

Bed spacer used to make double bed

or 2 single beds

or 1 bed up for more sitting space

 With your own sheets, pillows and duvet 
or hire at £6 per person.

Gas rings, kettle, pans, cutlery, plates, etc.
Little sun, solar powered light.
Situated in the woodland, with camp fire area.
25 metres to compost toilet.

Monday, March 14, 2016

Camping Tin Hut - In the making

Using salvaged lawnmower tyres 

Dismantling an old Anderson air raid shelter

to transport to a pitch

and re-assemble

work Experience for some regular campers!


 Back shutters

Bed/seat, either up or down

Will sleep 2 on either singles or a double bed

Oak floor boards, sanded and a layer of polish

Stockholm tar and varnish


More details soon