Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Plants in woodland. Ancient woodland

Our woodland and meadows:-
Speedwell at "Moonbeam" pitch


Scarlet Pimpernel at "Axis" pitch

Wild mustard

Wild strawberries


Purple clover

Queen Anne lace

Yellow vetch

Wood Avens

Orchid and buttercup
Speedwell and purple vetch

Clover, stitchwort and horsetail


 Wild whitecurrants

Emerging Ferns

Primroses at shack



Forget me not (mysotis)
Lesser celandines

Apparently there are a few ways to tell if woodland is ancient,:-

1. If it is shown on early maps,

2.If it is irregular shape and not a rectangle as with modern tree planting because it is easier to fence.

3.Woodland on slopes was not easy to clear or farm, so it got left where it was.

4.Native primroses are paler yellow and native bluebells hang to one side.

5. Existence of ancient hollow way (an old track pasing through the middle of the wood.)

All of the above are evident in the valley of what is called "Hidden valley" on old local maps.

yellow archangel

scarlet pimpernel at entrance to "Hoot"

Primroses on the valley embankment.

Orange hawkbit at "Hawk"  near "Aero"

3 kinds of orchid:-
Early spotted, common spotted pyramid?

Thursday, January 23, 2014

Tents and pitches.

 Sent 23.1.2014 by camper on pitch "Rising Sun" on a previous visit.


Selected tent and pitch  17.8.2013

Pitch "Burn"

The only kind of camper van that we have space for-
take a closer look.

22.6.2013 tents
J. Way


Strawberry Fields

Pitch "Bulbs" with 8 man tent
Poppies sprang up this year after cleaning up some scrap
metal that had been dumped before we owned the woodland.
This pitch is called "Bulbs"
Once the bluebells die back, it is available for camping.

Pitch "Tilt"

"Nest" 24.5.2013

Some of the pitches and tents 18.5.2013




and Bobtail

Also the start of  a new pitch or two
by rotivating and raking  an area
that has had new drainage put in over the winter.