Saturday, September 23, 2017

Glamping - Camping Shack. Booking information

Video walk through

In the woodland.

Off grid.

.Double bed and banquette for 2 children.

Balcony with BBQ and 2 burner gas stove.

"Wildo" stove
A few logs to start you off.
More at reception £8 a trug
Compost toilet 50 metres.

Pots and pans.

View from east balcony towards campfire area

                                                                Cost from £50 a night.
                                           Basically Adults £25p.p.p.n. Preteens £15p.p.p.n.
                                 Can hire linen at £8 per person (bottom sheet, pillows and duvet)
                                                                   Check availability 
                             Get a personalised quote when you state number of nights, ages of people,
                                                 e.t.a.  and e.t.d., any possible visitors, etc.
                                                (Visitors must check in and pay at reception)
Online bank transfer secures the booking.

Bring extra camping lanterns (2 provided).
Use only safety candles in tea light holders.
No smoking indoors.
No dogs.
Thank u for a great night in the shack ... 
You have done a brilliant job on the shack..
 It has lots of character and we'll definitely be back...
.Rob and Caroline 29 - 30.9.2012


Hi Yvonne, You are more than welcome, you have a very special shack, well done in creating a wonderful wee place in your woods.  Barbara @hutscabinsscotland  on twitter.

Stayed here last night, awesome camp! — at Gimme Shelter, Duloch near Inverkeithing. Elaine August 2012

Thank u for a great night in the shack ... 
You have done a brilliant job on the shack..
 It has lots of character and we'll definitely be back...
.Rob and Caroline 29 - 30.9.2012

thank you both so much for the wonderful peaceful heaven you created in those woods.
We will be back as soon as we can!
I took a few photos, feel free to use them if you think they are any good.
Looking forward to come back
All the best 
Nina and Ada

 Just a quick message to say thank you for another 
lovely holiday in your magical shack. We always leave with such happy 
memories, and can't wait to escape there again.
Amelia and co. x=

26th August 2014

Elaine Hardie and girlsAugust 9, 2012 at 7:47 AM
Spent a night in shack this week - the best fun since fun was invented!

                                                                   Video interior and stove

Video glimpse of stream

Video of cooking facilities

Monday, August 7, 2017

Facilities 4th sawdust toilet and rainwater collecting . J.Way Video

Collecing rainwater.
Recycled shutters and doors for walls.
Recycled water boiler for rain collection.
Recycling bins.
Limited drinking water here but refil spring water at tap in lane.

Butterflies Moths Insects

Green shield bug

Butterflies seen in our woodlands:- peacock, large and small cabbage white, 
common blue, orange tip, small tortoiseshell, red admiral, comma, etc.

Dunfermline Duloch Park and Fife Leisure park

Breakfasts from around 8.a.m.


Pizza delivery Duloch Park Dunfermline 01383 726999

also at Whimbrel Place, Duloch, Dunfermline:-

Lidl supermarket,  fish  and chips, Subway, etc.

Fife Leisure Park:-

Nandos chicken, Chinese buffet, Mexican, Dobbies cafe, et

Friday, March 31, 2017


Spring water
Available opposite reception.
No mains water.
You can also bring your own and a container to refil.

Tested by Fife Council.

One of the key benefits of natural spring water is that 
it comes from water that flows to the surface from a clean underground water source.
Thus, the water is considered to be free of most contaminants
typically found in drinking water.
It also contains a level of minerals that is beneficial to health. 
Mineral-rich water will usually have a neutral or slightly alkaline pH.

 (last reading pH: 7.8, tds: 295 temp.6c)

Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Facilities - C0mpost toilet

Recycle bins

Toilet and washing up area.

Built to trees.

"The system is extremely simple. 
One bucket inside a wooden frame covered with a toilet seat. 

                                Each time a person ‘visits’ the sawdust toilet, sprinkle sawdust,
                                                                  then close the lid ".

                                                     It's emptied at least once a day.
                                                                  It doesn't smell.