Saturday, April 14, 2012

Butterflies Moths Insects

Green shield bug
Many of these seen in our woodlands and gardens.

The peacock butterfly is very common here.
Also regular is large and small cabbage white, common blue, orange tip, small tortoiseshell, red admiral,comma, etc.
Spotted here in January 2010

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Facilities - 1st Camp service area Near Sweet Meadow

50 gallon mains water tank for 1st part of lower pitches.
Installed 2011,  frame work continued through February 2013.
Shower Pump to help flow of running water
to 2 x 20 gallon holding tanks at Caravan and Sweet Meadow wash area.

Refurbished recycling bins November 2012.

Original wooden ones in trailer. 
Plastic bins seem to be most practical, although not as interesting to look at.

Toilet and washing up area.

Built to trees.

"The system is extremely simple. 
One bucket inside a wooden frame covered with a toilet seat. 

                                Each time a person ‘visits’ the sawdust toilet, sprinkle sawdust,
                                                                  then close the lid ".

                                                     It's emptied at least once a day.
                                                                  It doesn't smell.