Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Suitability:- types of campers.

Will it suit you?

This site will appeal to those who love the countryside,
nature, wild flowers, animals, listening to the birds.
Also appealing to a couple, a single person, a family, a cyclist.

If you are a novice or hesitant camper, single woman, etc.
you can always  register for special consideration, give us your  mobile number,
ask for a pitch nearby families or our base.
We could  give you a shout when we are on our service rounds, to see if you're okay.
We're available if you need help, at least at the end of a phone.

Rustic camping - Duloch hamlet ( Gimme Shelter) 10 miles north of Edinburgh.
Relaxing; natural atmosphere. Tents only, we cannot take caravans or pets.

Limited facilities:-
Cold water. (No showers - nearest 2 miles at Duloch Leisure centre.)
Environmentally friendly composting sawdust toilet. (No flushing toilets, see blog post "Toilet".).
Rubbish recycling. Campfires.
We no longer have a shop for food and drinks/microwave./wi/fi.
Because it has rustic charm and is a "one off" out of the ordinary, individual place,
 it also appeals to people with a wide variety of hobbies:-

Photographers, vintage car owners, artists, potters, whittlers, seamstress, cyclists  cloth jewellery makers, writers, graphic designers,
actors, knitters, mini knits , bushcraft groups, some wedding parties, etc


inventors practicing bushcraft or metal craft as below.
People preparing for Duke of Edinburgh award. Mandolin players; other gentle musicians.

The kind of people who like recycled shacks, sheds, dens and unusual things.
Loads of  resident wild animals, badgers, buzzards, roe deer,  peregrine falcons, bullfinch.
It is not suitable for noisy parties or antisocial behaviour.
Normal camp requirements of respectful noise levels during the day and quiet by 10p.m.
Antisocial behaviour not tolerated.
If anyone slips through the "suitability net" and causes disturbance or danger,
please phone us. 01383 417681. The continuation of the campsite relies on this.

Tub trugs
£6 Campfire starter kit contains:- logs, kindling, paper, firelighter.

Every pitch has a campfire.