Thursday, January 10, 2019

Glamping - Camping ( Caravan in a cabin) Booking

Classic 2 berth Castleton caravan in a Cabin.
Limited edition, serial number 1339.

Refurbished  January 2019
with En-suite env. friendly compost toilet.
Rustic, no hot water, no showers, no dogs.

Recycled Oak and Douglas Fir posts extension

Outside "Stoop"

Inside the extension

1 recycled citroen chair and leather settee.

Log burning stove "Wildo"

2 ring + grill calor gas stove + pans.

Inside the caravan

seats can be left as 2 singles or

pull under seat board with leg to make a double
Plenty of storage

En suite  extension at the back of the caravan 
with compsot toilet


Campfire area "Well"

1 basket of wood
(already in the extension by the stove)
(More tubs of  wood  £8 @ at reception.)

No smoking.
 Only safety t lights in containers please.


Lovely oak veneered cupboards.
Plates, mugs, utensils, etc.
1 or 2 little Electric lights
Water refil @ 10 metres.

 Woodland setting.
Showers 2 miles north at  :-

Dalgety bay fish and chip takeaway
3 miles

To enquire availability and personalised quote,
email names, e.t.a/e.t.d., dates, visitors, etc.
then to  book (ask for bank details when you are ready to transfer funds.)
It is not booked until it is paid, thanks, so if there is a time delay after I send bank details, please re-check availability when you are ready to pay.

Minimum 2 day hire.

 First night Minimum occupancy £60
( your own quilt, pillows, linen, etc.
We can supply bedding etc. in summer @ £8 per person.)
  2nd night concessions 
                                                               Visitors extra by arrangement. 
                        Visitors must be agreed in advance with names, car reg. e.t.a/e.t.d. etc.
                                                       then checked in with us at reception.
                                                    Please make sure they also know about the
                                                          no dogs and no collecting wood policies.

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