Saturday, February 28, 2015

Maintenance - 2014 - Machinery for grass cutting, rubbish collecting, etc.

Some uses for a dead tree (see fuller posts):-
Poles for the "Truncator"

Kindling and  beefy logs for the hydraulic "Wood splitter"

 beefy logs for the hydraulic "Wood splitter"

Brushwood for "Dead hedging"

Roof repairs

Heating up the bitumen for camp roof repairs

Clearing up pitches, leaves to compost.

 22.5 litres of waterproofing for various camp roofs


Repair to rustic steps to lower pitches

14.1.2013 - Out with the old

Into the mechanical "Grab"

Weigh bridge

 After unloading

After unloading

 at the scrap metal recycle yard which was the old "Wards" shipbreakers.

 3rd and 4th grass cutter from this excellent specialist

In with the new

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