Monday, March 24, 2014

Campsnaps - Jobs and views around the campsite

Video of some 2014 events

Grass seeding bare patches on pitches

note the old yellow esso oil can

Fueling up for the best job of the week-
sit on lawnmower for camp pitches

 Pitch  grass clippings

Near the pitch "Belle"
Daffodils and leopard's bane leaves


Logs for seasoning for your campfires

Pitch next to "Catkin"

Sibling pitch to "J Way"
Self set silver birch

10.3.2014 Sun on lower camp

Sandstone ruins of "Rosebank" (1890's) cottage

One of the huge variety of tents that have been pitched here

Sun around a campfire area

Badger hide

4.30p.m. 7.3.2014.
 Welcome from the sun and trees at the lower pitches.


Steps and rope handrail to first set of  woodland "Pitches".

 3 types of moss, yellow on twig, green on sandstone, also blue.
A sign of a good oxygen level. No wonder people feel good in a woodland.

Steps from No. 1 holiday cottage into campers' lane.

Stone wall to campsite,
built in 1890's and water run off from top pitches.

Beech tree base.


 Stream from balcony of camping shack

1 of the Recycling areas

Sandstone quarry in the valley (our cottages were built from this)

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