Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Glamping - Camping Pavilion - Construction

..for recreation or pleasure.."
 Casbah like interior
Off grid

Milled oak beams for 4 poster type beds

Beds going in

Start of furniture going in.

Tanners' brown floor paint

Entrance and balcony

Situated on the top meadow, on the site of the old bell tent.
16' by 26' ( 16' by 34' with balcony)
wooden construction 
of recycled doors and windows.

 1st paint trial

1st tarpaulin



Some roof supports 8.9.15

 Recycled back windows
and roof support

opening windows at side

Open front  doors

 Floorboards from a Dundee Jute mill

Under floor insulation

 recycled front doors

Recycled doors from Gleneagles

Still got the room numbers on

17 doors so far

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