Monday, January 12, 2015

Inverkeithing Pubs, take-aways, shops and camping shop

                                                           Inverkeithing history
                                                               Burgh Arms
                                                         2miles Real ale, food till 5p.m
                            Good cycle/walking path just a few yards from the campsite.

                                              Akelas Den - camping supplies
                                                2 miles from the campsite.

A butcher, a baker, a fishmonger, chinese take away, pizza, fish and chips, mini supermarket.
 Post office, bank, library (fax,computer), phone box, dentist, doctor.
2 hairdressers, 2 chemists, bicycle shop, 2 newsagents, hardware store 2 charity shops, 4 pubs, etc.

                                                       Inverkeithing Friary gardens

                                                      Battle of Inverkeithing

                                                        History museum

Pinkerton burn runs through our land. It was said to run red for 3 days after this battle!

Lots of local historical interest as well as on our land - old smithy waterwheel used to be here as well as small gauge railway, gravel pit and sandstone quarry where our cottages were built from.

the "Burro" tent pitch is off the original donkey and cart track that ran up to "Rosebank" - the ruins of which can be seen.