Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Quirky - around the campsite

50 gallon french barrel for collecting rainwater

Reclaimed glass tiles in one of the camp toilets

Slate tiles

Klondyke stove

Found mossy glove

Found - Bark letterbox!

rain water collecting system


Dismantling a pond

Lawnmower tows a pond liner

Video of Mobile pond!

One of the past rainwater collectors

One of the sinks in the making

Water for "Service" areas

Holly leaf

Sycamore leaf

18.2.2014 - still cleaning up the woodlands.

Moss and fungus on dead wood  found November 2013

Influenced some pitch names

Charcoal stick smiley face

Here's who we got the  name "Gimme Shelter" from
 in 2005 when we started the campsite:-
Stones 29.6. 2013

Recycled trug

1 of the camp story boards

 Sweet Meadow sink, recycled from our old campervan

Cherry bark rolls

Smiley log

Bagging up campers' campfire kits.

Can't bring ourselves to burn this smiley log.
That's the trouble when you love wood,
even the little offcuts from a job, suggest themselves for another item.

Water carrier

Flag and letterbox for memos

Bike trailer for recycle collection

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