Sunday, January 11, 2015

Map of pitches

                                                            3.  Orchid field (communal campfire) + "Hoot"
                                                                           50 metre walk from car
                                                             2.  Meadow pitches  (top of driveway)
                                                                    Camping wagon
                              1. Woodland pitches 

Scale: 1 cm equals 20 metres. Whole map represents 15 acres.

From bottom of map (entrance) upwards:-
1. The lower two thirds are mixed woodland pitches.
2. The top coloured  third of the map are mostly higher meadow pitches.
3Top of a 50 metre track from parking is "Hoot" and also a large
"Wild Orchid" field with a communal campfire and pitches for up to 35 ish.
(Suit educational type groups not party-goers).

Top and bottom areas:- compost toilets, recycling facilities, rain water for washing/up,
 Gallon container drinking water - refil standpipe in lane.

1. Woodland -All pitches have their own designated camp fire.
 (often smaller and nearer for walkers, cyclists)
1st set of steps on left lead to "Mule", "Burro", "Rosebank", Caravan and "Well".

2nd set steps leads to "Ox" "Sweet Meadow", "Wing"  "Ram" "Gurgle"
 Toilet, water and recycling,  Camping Shack.
 "Nest" "Burn" "Tilt" "Rust".

The 1st turning area leads to:-
Badger Hide,  "Coppice", "Sett" "Rising Sun" and "Bulbs"and "Brock".

On the right is a cyclist friendly pitch called "Belle".

2. Top meadow:- (all with own campfires)

Top of hill,  is  "Tag" recycling and toilet.
"Jay Way "  "Catkin" "Hooves",
"Rag" "Bobtail" and Camping Wagon.

Left at the end of the road is the water, toilet and recycling for :-
"Strawberry fields" and it's siblings "Forever" "Nowhere" "Walrus and "Mr. Kite ".

On the right of the road is "Axis" "Mellow Yellow"  "Moonbeam" "As Love" and "Hawk".

Parking is tight into the sides,
leave the turning areas clear at "Strawberry Field" and " J.Way"

3. Orchid Field - communal campfire
At top of drive, walk straight ahead to "Hoot" (park at grassy entrance,
 allow space for lawnmower and trailer to enter.)
and communal campfire "Wild Orchid" for educational groups.

Pitches - general information:-
Pitches are set in individual clearings,
scattered about on 15 acres of mixed woodland and meadow land,
with all sorts of wild flowers and fruit, trees, birds and butterflies.
( 15 pitches on lower woodland site ) (15 pitches on top meadow site )
Each pitch or clearing has a name, with a meaning - history/pitch identity/song/book/travel,etc.
 i.e. Strawberry Field (wild strawberries),

We have a few sibling pitches which means that they are attached to a main pitch with a campfire.
They can be used as an overflow for those in your party if the main pitch isn't big enough.

Pitches are allocated for size of tent/group:
but ask at time of booking
if you have a preference for woodland pitches or meadow,
(sometimes, we can re-arrange the weekly pitch plan,
as we do for regulars who ask for their favourite pitches).

Give us a few details of your dates, expected time of arrival and departure.
Also group number, tent berth size, car registrations and visitors.
We will then email you more information and a quote.

Depending on weather and pitch conditions,
we will try to match you up to the best site for your booking.

Please don't move pitch without asking, as it may be booked.

Appreciation goes to all those campers who leave the pitch tidy,
free of litter, wood splinters on the grass (for grass cutting).
We also value those who leave the rustic tables and chairs
as they found them on the pitches they were intended for.
We also value are those of you who let us know if you have to cancel your booking.

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